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Roadmap in no particular order

  • Add performance counters for the following items:
    • Average wait time for a free client socket DONE
    • Total cache operations per second DONE
    • Adds per second DONE
    • Appends per second DONE
    • CAS per second DONE
    • Deletes per second DONE
    • Prepends per second DONE
    • Replaces per second DONE
    • Sets per second DONE
    • Errors per second DONE
    • Average time spent serializing/deserializing
    • Average time spent on network traffic
  • Add possibility for the client to receive additions to the memcached server cluster via IP multicast (protocol not defined yet) - including administration tool to actually broadcast server additions.
  • Configuration in app.config, so its possible to configure limits, servers etc. DONE
  • implement self healing in the ServerPool, so a dead socket will be replaced with a good one.
  • add loggging via own logging interface, and make implementation configurable, so users can create their own implementation of the log.
  • UPD socket implementation, to support even higher scalability, so number of sockets will not be an issue. PARTIALLY DONE
  • High speed socket queue, for operations where estimated time taken is very low - this is so fast readers/writers will not be held back of slower ones - like in super markets where there are special checkout lines for customers with max 5 items.
  • Make performance counters configurable via app.config, so its possible to turn on/off the instrumentation

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